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Flimkit Exploit Kit

By Domesticus in Malware

The Flimkit Exploit Kit is a hacking tool that is used to install malware on victims' computer systems. The Flimkit Exploit Kit is closely related to two other exploit kits that have emerged in recent months: Sibhost and Glazunov. The Flimkit Exploit Kit is mainly distributed using malicious advertisements that use Flash vulnerabilities to redirect computer users to the Flimkit Exploit Kit's attack website. The Flimkit Exploit Kit also uses standard JavaScript redirection techniques. One characteristic that is particular to the Flimkit Exploit Kit is that the Flimkit Exploit Kit uses domains with a .PL address, indicating that the server hosting its malicious files may be located in Poland. The Flimkit Exploit Kit can be used to cause significant damage to your computer and endanger your privacy. Because of this, ESG security researchers advise taking steps to protect your computer from attacks involving this dangerous exploit kit.

The Harmful Consequences of the Attacks Involving the Flimkit Exploit Kit

Victims of the Flimkit Exploit Kit are usually redirected to its attack website after visiting a compromised Web page, often due to poor passwords or outdated software. Criminals can insert malicious JavaScript redirects or malicious SWF files (usually contained in compromised Flash advertisements) that will redirect visitors' computer systems to an attack website containing the Flimkit Exploit Kit. There, this dangerous hacking tool will attempt to take advantage of vulnerabilities in the victim's computer in order to force it to download and install malware. The Flimkit Exploit Kit will try to exploit numerous vulnerabilities simultaneously. Among these are known exploits in Windows, Java, Microsoft Office, Flash Player and Reader.

Protecting Your Computer System from Flimkit Exploit Kit Attacks

To protect your computer from attacks involving the Flimkit Exploit Kit, ESG security researchers advise taking the following steps:

  1. Since Flash and Java-based redirects are used to force computer users to visit the Flimkit Exploit Kit's attack page, ESG security analysts recommend that computer users disable these platforms if they are not being used.
  2. It is also important to ensure that all of your software (including your operating system) is fully up to date. Flimkit Exploit Kit exploits vulnerabilities that have been patched in security updates.
  3. To intercept an attack involving the Flimkit Exploit Kit, it is recommended to use a real-time anti-malware scanner when browsing the Web.
  4. URLs

    Flimkit Exploit Kit may call the following URLs:


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