Threat Database Adware GeneralProjectSearch


GeneralProjectSearch is an invasive application that tries to sneak its way inside users' Mac devices. Its goal is to establish its presence there and then engage in an annoying ad campaign through which it generates monetary gains for its operators. This behavior carries the typical elements associated with adware applications.

Not surprisingly, after analyzing GeneralProjectSearch, infosec researchers found out that it is an application from the AdLoad adware family. Furthermore, it also falls into the PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) category, due to the questionable methods involved in its distribution. More specifically, GeneralProjectSearch is being delivered via fake installers pretending to be for Adobe Flash Player.

Adware applications are created to deliver unwanted advertisements to the devices they are installed on. The advertisements associated with such dubious sources should not be approached without a healthy dose of caution. Users who interact with the shown advertisements could trigger redirects to hoax websites, phishing portals, initiate a download of more PUPs, etc.

Another important aspect often observed in PUPs is their ability to harvest data. In most cases, these applications will target the user's browsing information, such as the browsing and search histories. Device details including IP addresses, geolocation, device type, browser type, and many more could also be transmitted. However, some PUPs are capable of accessing autofill information contained in the user's Web browsers. Typically, this data includes sensitive account credentials, banking details, payment data, or credit/debit card numbers. If such information becomes available to third parties, it could lead to serious privacy and security concerns.


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