is a hoax Web page that relies on social-engineering tactics and clickbait messages to trick unsuspecting visitors into subscribing to its push notification services. Afterward, the site will abuse its newly-gained browser permissions to deliver annoying, intrusive, and unwanted advertisements to the users, generating gains for its operators in the process.

There are countless deceptive sites that are virtually identical to Indeed, this particular browser-based tactic has been exceedingly popular among certain circles of people. Other examples of such pages include,, and many more.

Users should be aware that the most common scenario employed by such con sites is to pretend to be conducting a CAPTCHA check. also can try to pull off this trick by displaying messages similar to:

'Press 'Allow' to confirm that you are not a robot!'

It is equally as important to remember that any advertisements delivered by such suspicious sources also should be approached with caution. Engaging with the generated advertisements could lead users to unsafe third-party websites running more online tactics, trying to obtain their private information via phishing schemes, or spreading various PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).


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