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FuuCry Ransomware

Ransomware is one of the most threatening malware types being spread in the wild. These threats are designed to lock the files stored on infected computers via an encryption algorithm and render them inaccessible and usable. As a result, the victims lose precious private videos, pictures, photos, or important work-related projects contained in databases, archives, docs, PDFs, etc.

One of the latest ransomware threats to be discovered by cybersecurity researchers is called FuuCry Ransomware. It appears that the FuuCry Ransomware is a variant based on the Xorist Ransomware family. Users affected by the FuuCry Ransomware will notice that '.cry' has been attached as a new extension to the original names of all files locked by the threat. Besides, they will be presented with a ransom note in three different forms, although the text is identical effectively - text files named 'READ ME FOR DECRYPT.txt,' a pop-up window, and a decryption window with a field where victims can input a decryption code.

The actual instructions provided by the FuuCry Ransomware are brief extremely They tell users that their files were encrypted with the RSA-4096 algorithm. Those who wish to receive the decryption code from the cybercriminals will have to establish contact by sending an email to '' The notes also contain a unique ID assigned to the specific victim. The decryption window reveals that the ransom demanded by the hackers must be paid in Bitcoin as offers instructions on 'How to buy bitcoins.'

It is not recommended to enter into negotiations with people responsible for unleashing malware threats. There are no guarantees that they can even restore the files or if they will honor their end of the deal.

The text found inside the 'READ ME FOR DECRYPT.txt' files and the pop-up window is:

'All your files is encrypted by RSA-4096!
Do not try decrypt manualy!
You can destroy ALL your files!!
To decrypt, please contact us

Your personal ID:

The information in decryption window is:

All your files is encrypted by RSA-4096!
To decrypt, please contact us

Your personal ID: -
How to buy Bitcoins? Click "How to buy bitcoins"

Enter password here:

OK How to buy bitcoins Exit.'


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