FunnyDream is a Chinese state-sponsored Advanced Persistent Threat group who are known to be a hacking group that works to infect computers with the idea to gain access to targeted systems and potentially perform social engineering techniques and loading of malicious code. When it comes to FunnyDream, it has been found to perform prolonged surveillances on infected systems. Moreover, FunnyDream may target specific data on attacked systems where the hackers behind the group could access documents and other sensitive data on a victimized system.

The FunnyDream attacks have accounted for over 200 systems in Southeast Asia, including the countries of Malaysia, Philippines, and Taiwan. The FunnyDream group of hackers appear to remain active and are looking to cyber-espionage actions where they seek sensitive documents that may have information on national security or local industries in the Southeast Asia regions.

FunnyDream looks to data back to 2018 where it was part of an advanced persistence of attacking communications and used for extracting data from government entities. Chinese APT groups like FunnyDream are similar but FunnyDream has stood the test of time where it has remained active for many years.

Computer users all around the world, not only in Southeast Asia, are warned to look out for threat groups like FunnyDream and the malicious software that they spread. Utilizing an antimalware resource is best to weed out attacks by FunnyDream.


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