FormsApp is an unwanted program that may have managed to infiltrate users' devices. Typically, such applications hide their installation from the user's attention by utilizing questionable distribution tactics. The operators of such PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) often add them to shady software bundles. Users who do not carefully examine all of the items selected for installation will allow them to be deployed to their computers inadvertently because oftentimes some are placed under the 'Advanced' or 'Custom' menus. Another popular tactic sees the dubious application injected into fake installers/updates.

The functionality of PUPs such as FormsApp could vary. Some may be primarily tasked with the delivery of unwanted advertisements, falling into the adware category. Others could have browser hijacker functionalities that enable them to assume control over the user's browsers. The application can change several important settings (homepage, new tab page, default search engine) to now lead to a promoted page.

Users should also be warned that having PUP present on their systems could mean that their data is being tracked. While active, these applications may monitor the browsing activities carried out on the system and collect numerous device details. Even the browser's autofill data may not be safe, as some PUPs have been observed trying to extract account details, banking information and payment data from it.


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