Threat Database Adware FlexInterval


FlexInterval tries to generate monetary gains for its operators by acting as both adware and a browser hijacker. The application targets Mac users predominantly and tries to hide the fact that is being installed on the system. These dubious applications known as PUPs (Potentially Unknown Programs) employ deceptive distribution techniques, such as bundling and fake installers. Users who do not pay enough attention may not notice that an intruder application is being installed on their Macs.

No matter how FlexInterval found itself on the Mac, it will waste no time in making its presence known. It will start generating unwanted advertisements that may appear as pop-ups, banners, surveys, in-text links and more. The advertisements may even be injected into unrelated websites. Users should use caution when engaging with the advertisements or risk being taken to shady places such as online scams, phishing pages, suspicious online betting platforms, etc.

At the same time, FlexInterval will assume control over the installed Web browsers and force it to open a promoted Web address. The application will target the homepage, new tab page, and the default search engine settings specifically. The promoted address belongs to a fake search engine.

Fake engines lack the necessary functionality to produce meaningful search results. In the vast majority of cases, they either redirect to a legitimate engine (Yahoo, Bing, Google, etc.) or cause redirect chains that go through several dubious engines.

Another risk associated with PUPs is that these intruder applications may be spying on the user's browsing activities. The harvested information could include the entire search history, all visited websites and all clicked URLs. Device details such as browser type, IP address, ISP, and more also may be harvested and uploaded.


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