Type: Adware is a dubious website that tries to perform a phishing scheme masquerade as a financial survey. This particular tactic is not anything new, and many questionable pages are operating in a nearly identical manner.

When users land on, they would be presented with bait messages. The site claims that it will reveal some grand secret on how to become a millionaire while having an online career to anyone who takes the bogus survey. In reality, the page wants to obtain various private information masked as questions from the survey.

The fraudsters can then exploit the acquired data in numerous different ways. They may try to impersonate the user, use the details in more focused spear-phishing campaigns or try to sell the data to third parties.

At the same time, also asks its visitors to press the shown 'Allow' button and subscribe to its push notifications. Most shady sites abuse this legitimate browser feature to deliver intrusive, unwanted, and untrustworthy advertisements. The advertisements may contain offers for seemingly legitimate software products that turn out to be adware, browser hijackers or other PUPs. The advertisements also could redirect users to other hoax websites.

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