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Files Downloader Assist Adware

The Files Downloader Assist is a browser extension that was found to be promoted by suspicious websites. The Files Downloader Assist is advertised as a convenient and powerful download management tool, but it has been discovered to be nothing more than adware. This means that the operators of the Files Downloader Assist may use it to run intrusive advertisement campaigns on users' devices and collect their browsing-related data. As such, it is vital for users to know the potential risks associated with this extension before downloading and installing it.

An Overview of Adware Applications such as the Files Downloader Assist

Adware is software that displays advertisements on Web pages and other interfaces. These advertisements may be used to promote tactics, unwanted or even threatening software, and shady online destinations such as gaming/betting platforms. When clicked on, some of these advertisements could execute downloads or installations without the user's knowledge. However, the legitimate content promoted by these advertisements probably will not be endorsed by its developers but rather by fraudsters who use affiliate programs to earn illegitimate commissions.

The Files Downloader Assist also may track the users' browsing activity by collecting various data - visited URLs, viewed pages, search queries, downloads, bookmarks and more. Some applications of this type also are capable of harvesting additional private data, such as usernames/passwords, personal information, financial data, etc. The gathered data can then be sold by the operators of the adware or otherwise exploited for profit.

Signs of a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Progam)'s Presence

Many people don't realize it, but their devices are likely to have adware, browser hijackers or PUPs installed. These programs can cause various issues on a device, such as decreased performance and security risks. Computer users must be able to identify and remove any unwanted programs that have made their way onto their devices. Here's what you need to know about PUPs and how to tell if your device has any:

  1. If unknown background applications are running on your computer, this is usually a sign of a PUP.
  2. Check the active processes on the system, and if there are any applications listed that you do not recognize or remember installing intentionally, they are likely to belong to a PUP.
  3. Another sign that a potential PUP is present on your system is if you experience excessive website redirects while using your Web browser.

A good indicator of a PUP's presence on your computer is the sudden influx of pop-up advertisements during Web browsing sessions or other activities. The delivered advertisements may promote untrustworthy content or links that lead to corrupted websites.


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