FancyLeaks Ransomware

FancyLeaks Ransomware Description

FancyLeaks (also may be encountered as FancyLocker) is a new ransomware threat unleashed in the wild. Analysis has revealed that FancyLeaks is a variant from the RIP Lmao Ransomware family. Files infected by FancyLeaks will have their original names modified. The threat will append '.FancyLeaks' as a new file extension. Instructions for the victims will then be provided in a pop-up window.

FancyLeaks' Demands

The pop-up window generated by FancyLeaks contains a picture of an anime girl and mentions the total number of encrypted files. The actual instructions for the victims are extremely brief. Apparently, the cybercriminals behind the threat want to receive two Amazon gift cards each worthing $50. The only other information that is mentioned in the ransom note is the email address ''

Dealing with the consequences of a ransomware infection is never easy. However, following the instructions of the unscrupulous people responsible for the attack is rarely the best course of action. Victims may expose themselves to additional security risks unwillingly while having no guarantees that the hackers will keep their word and send the necessary decryption key and tool.

The text displayed in FancyLeaks' pop-up window is:


Your files (count: n) have been encrypted!
In order to recover your data…

Please send x2 50$ amazon gift cards to: