Threat Database Adware 'Facebook Lottery' Email Scam

'Facebook Lottery' Email Scam

The 'Facebook Lottery' email scam is a phishing attack that is being spread through a spam email campaign that is distributing thousands of misleading emails to users' inboxes. The deceptive emails are crafted to appear as if they are being sent by Facebook. Their titles and text may vary but the general scenario of the tactic is to claim that the user has been chosen as one of the three winners of a non-existent lottery named 'Beginning of the year 2020/2021, Facebook lottery automatic random selection.' The amount of the fake prize winnings is 5 million dollars.

Users should realize that nothing about this message is true. There is no such lottery, Facebook is not involved in any way with the dissemination of this email, and the only purpose of this campaign is to conduct a phishing tactic. After all, the supposed winners are then asked to email a considerable amount of private and sensitive information to an email address found in the fraudulent message. Among the data required by the fraudsters are full name, phone number, contact address, age, sex, and country.

If these people obtain this information then can use it for a variety of nefarious purposes. The data could be sold to third parties or used to launch more targeted phishing attacks.


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