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'Extensioninstallforcelist' Chrome Policy

By CagedTech in Mac Malware

'ExtensionInstallForcelist' Chrome Policy is a rather new type of policy found within the Google Chrome application on MacOS computers. In most cases, the 'ExtensionInstallForcelist' policy is something that most Mac computer users never agree to install on their system and may be loaded in clever ways where the computer user is completely unsuspecting of such a threat.

In some cases, the 'ExtensionInstallForcelist' Chrome Policy will be loaded through the installation of random apps, sometimes obtained from a third-party source on the Internet. 'ExtensionInstallForcelist' may also be masked as a legitimate app or policy that Google Chrome users on Macs encounter as a component that adds functionally that is claimed to be essential for a Mac computer user who surfs the web using Google Chrome.

With the popularity of Mac computers and the Google Chrome app for Mac growing, it’s no wonder that computer hackers and cybercrooks are targeting such platforms. Mac computer users should beware of the 'ExtensionInstallForcelist' Chrome Policy threat and utilize the proper antimalware resources to detect such threats and have them removed before they are able to cause issues.

The issues from 'ExtensionInstallForcelist' Chrome Policy that may arise is allowing a rogue network administrator to configure a list of apps and browser add-ons to be installed by force. Such cases may result on installation of other malware and could seriously impact the performance of a Mac or end up phishing data from users or stealing information accessed over the Internet.


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