Threat Database Mac Malware ExtendedSample


ExtendedSample is an intrusive application that falls into the PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) category. It targets Mac users specifically and tries to mask the fact that it will be installed on their computers. The operators of PUPs often rely on dubious distribution tactics as a way to spread their sometimes barely-functional software products. In the case of ExtendedSample, infosec researchers noticed that the application was being injected into fake installers claiming to be for the Adobe Flash Player.

If allowed on the Mac, ExtendedSample is likely to be responsible for the continuous appearance of various, questionable advertisements. Like with most adware, the shown advertisements must be approached with caution. They are highly likely to promote untrustworthily or, in some cases, even unsafe destinations. Users could be taken to or see advertisements for websites running fake giveaways, phishing schemes, technical support frauds, etc. The advertisements also could try to spread even more PUPs by presenting them as seemingly legitimate applications. 

PUPs like ExtendedSample often display data-tracking capabilities as well. While installed on the users' devices, the intrusive application could monitor the users' browsing activities or even extract device details and other sensitive details. The harvested information could be continuously exfiltrated to a private server controlled by the PUP's operators.


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