Extended Clipper Malware

Extended Clipper Malware Description

The Extended Clipper malware is a threat that can lead to monetary losses, identity theft or other serious privacy concerns. The main functionality of the threat is to collect and substitute data saved into the infected device's clipboard. This is a common scheme employed by cybercriminals who wish to intercept the user's crypto-wallet transactions and divert the money to their own wallet addresses.

In addition, Extended Clipper can access website links and switch them with sponsored URLs. Users can be brought to dubious or compromised pages easily. The malware threat can open phishing pages pretending to be a legitimate sign-in portal for a real product. The fake page may ask for various user details - email addresses, passwords, usernames, real names, and even financial-related details such as credit/debit card numbers. Any provided information will be siphoned and delivered to the cybercriminals.

The harmful capabilities of the Extended Clipper could be expanded even further. For an additional fee, the creators of the threat offer their criminal clients to modify the behavior of the threat to better suit their particular needs.