Erenahen Ransomware

Erenahen Ransomware Description

Cybersecurity researchers are struggling to keep up with all the new file-encrypting Trojans that are popping up on a daily basis. It appears that the 'business' of ransomware threats is thriving and the entry barrier is very low as even shady actors with little to no experience can create a data-locking Trojan by simply borrowing the code of an already established ransomware threat and altering it slightly.

Infection and Encryption

This appears to be the case of the file-encrypting Trojan in question today – the Erenahen Ransomware. When malware researchers studied this threat, they discovered that it might belong to the GlobeImposter Ransomware family. If the Erenahen Ransomware infiltrates your machine, it will start the attack by performing a brief scan of the data. The objective is to determine the locations of the files, which are considered of interest to this threat. The next step is the encryption process. The Erenahen Ransomware will use an encryption algorithm to lock all the targeted files. Once this threat locks a file, it also changes its name by appending the '.Erenahen' extension at the end of the filename. For example, an audio file called 'dream.mp3' will be renamed to 'dream.mp3. Eranahen' after the encryption process is completed.

The Ransom Note

Then, the Erenahen Ransomware drops its ransom note. The note is called 'How_to_open_files.html' and reads:

’Your files are encrypted!
What happened?
Your files are encrypted, and currently unavailable.
You can check it: all files on you computer has new expansion.
By the way, everything is possible to recover (restore), but you need to buy a unique decryptor.
Otherwise, you never cant return your data.

For purchasing a decryptor contact us by email:
If you will get no answer within 24 hours contact us by our alternate emails:

What guarantees?
Its just a business. If we do not do our work and liabilities - nobody will not cooperate with us.
To verify the possibility of the recovery of your files we can decrypted 1 file for free.
Attach 1 file to the letter (no more than 10Mb). Indicate your personal ID on the letter:
ï Attempts of change files by yourself will result in a loose of data.
ï Our e-mail can be blocked over time. Write now, loss of contact with us will result in a loose of data.
ï Use any third party software for restoring your data or antivirus solutions will result in a loose of data.
ï Decryptors of other users are unique and will not fit your files and use of those will result in a loose of data.
ï If you will not cooperate with our service - for us, its does not matter. But you will lose your time and data, cause just we have the private key.’

As you can see, the criminals have provided two emails to the user – '' and alternatively '' As proof that they have a functional decryption key, the authors of the Erenahen Ransomware offer to decrypt one file free of charge, as long as it does not exceed 10MB in size. They also go on to warn the user against attempting to unlock the files on their own as this would cause permanent damage to the data supposedly.

The advice is to keep your distance when it comes to dealing with cyber crooks. They keep their promises rarely but will take your money gladly. A safer approach is to download and install a reputable anti-malware application, which will help you remove the Erenahen Ransomware from your computer and will keep it safe going forward.

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