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Equation Malware

By GoldSparrow in Mac Malware, Malware

The Equation Malware is spyware that can infect computers that runs the Windows and Mac operation systems. The Equation Malware was first observed attacking numerous Mac computers in China and has attempted to reach iPhones too. The Equation Malware also is linked to Stuxnet, Duqu, Fame and Flowershop. Before starting its activities, the Equation Malware analyzes the infected machine to detect is worth its attack. If it concludes that there is something of its interest, the Equation Malware introduces other malware on the affected machine.

Even if it considers that the machine has nothing valuable, the Equation Malware will install a backdoor through which it can access the computer in the future. Due to the sophistication of the threats appearing every day, it is more necessary than ever to be covered when it concerns to your computer security. If you have an up-to-date anti-malware application and is aware of the countless traps created by these threats, you can work and visit the Web worry free. Also, it is a paramount measure to have backup copies of your data and keep these backup copies on trustworthy storage service providers.

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