The EngineSearch application is a Mac utility that is not likely to offer you any useful services. Malware analysts have listed the EngineSearch utility as an adware program. This means that the only goal of the EngineSearch application is to spam its users with advertisements every time they browse the Web.

If you do not remember installing the EngineSearch utility, it is likely because adware programs like this one are often delivered with the help of various freeware bundles, pirated video games, bogus advertisements, etc. Once the EngineSearch application is installed on your Mac, it will create a new 'Launch Daemon' to gain your computer's persistence. This means that this annoying application will be launched every time you boot up your Mac. The presence of the EngineSearch app on your Mac will result in an increased number of advertisements exhibited on the websites that you visit. The EngineSearch utility also may redirect its users to a third-party search engine called 'Safe Finder,' which is not likely to offer you the organic results of your search queries.

It is best to remove the EngineSearch application from your computer. This can be solved securely with the help of a reputable anti-malware solution compatible with your Mac that will spot and remove the adware program easily.

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