The Energy.exe process that some users have reported noticing among active processes on their computers appears to be connected to an intrusive crypto-miner. This particular malware threat is designed specifically to overtake the hardware resources of the breached devices and utilize them to mine for a specific crypto coin, such as Monero, Ethereum and others. As a result of the high utilization of the system's CPU or GPU capacity, users may experience drastic slowdowns, freezes, and even crashes when attempting to perform even simple actions, such as opening a new browser tab or starting an application.

It also should be noted that being under such pressure for a prolonged period could cause the affected hardware pieces to overheat, especially if the cooling of the system is not sufficient to dissipate the accumulated heat. As a result, the crypto-miner could cause serious damage to important and crucial components of the computer.

If you find out that an Energy.exe process is running on your device, look at the percentage of CPU resources that it requires. If the number is unreasonably high, then you also may have a crypto-miner lurking inside the device. It is strongly recommended to perform a malware scan with a reputable security solution to get rid of the unwanted intruder.


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