_encrypted Ransomware

_encrypted Ransomware Description

The _encrypted Ransomware is an extremely harmful threat capable of causing irreversible damage. Not because it is equipped with some advanced features that have not been seen before in ransomware threats. No. Although the _encrypted Ransomware is unique and hasn't been classified as belonging to any existing ransomware family, it displays mostly the same behavior associated with a typical representative of this malware kind. The expanded chance of becoming a victim of the _encrypted Ransomware comes from the fact the current versions detected in the wild appear to be either still in development or undergoing testing. The proof for this speculation can be found in the ransom note dropped by the malware - the place where a link for a website that the victims are supposed to use as a communication channel with the hackers is blank. In practice, this means that the _encrypted Ransomware will complete its encryption process and leave the affected users with very little options actually to restore their data.

The first signs of the _encrypted Ransomware that most users will notice is when all of the files stored on the compromised computer will have their names changed suddenly. The threat appends '._encrypted' as a new extension for every encrypted file. The hackers' instructions are dropped as text files named 'README_encrypted.txt.' Victims are told that the price for restoring the affected data will be $1000. While it is not advised to send such cybercriminals any amount of money, users affected by the _encrypted Ransomware are not even given that options. As we mentioned earlier, the link for a website hosted on the TOR network is missing from the ransom note, and instead, users will find a placeholder text.

The only way to try to get your data back after being infected with the _encrypted Ransomware is to have a suitable backup. Before attempting to restore the encrypted files, however, make sure that all traces of the threat have been purged from the computer by cleaning it with a professional anti-malware solution.

The note dropped by the _encrypted Ransomware states:



PLEASE CONTACT .onion using Tor Browser.

Make sure to provide the metadata.bin file that you can find in your user


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