EdgeTechnology Description

EdgeTechnology is yet another dubious application leveraged against Mac users. No matter how enticing its description may be, the true purpose of the application is to act as adware and a browser hijacker. Furthermore, it doesn't wait for users to willingly download and install it, as that is extremely unlikely to happen. Instead, the application is being proliferated via underhanded distribution tactics, such as bundling. As a result, it also is classified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).

The adware part of EdgeTechnology is tasked with delivering unwanted advertisements to the device. The advertisements may take various forms and start to overlay the legitimate content viewed by the user. However, far more scary is the possibility of the advertisements triggering forced redirects and taking the user to questionable third-party pages. Phishing pages, fake giveaways, other popular online tactics, or even compromised sites with real malware threats could be among the redirect destinations.  

At the same time, EdgeTechnology will establish control over the user's Web browser. It will modify certain settings - the homepage, new tab page, and the default search engine, and force them to open a questionable search engine. Usually, engines promoted via browser hijackers are completely incapable of producing search results on their own. They take the search queries of the users and run them through a legitimate engine, such as Yahoo, Bing or Google. 

However, a far more worrisome aspect of most PUPs is their ability to harvest the user information from the affected system. Users risk having their browsing history, search history and all clicked URLs monitored. The PUPs also could access device details such as the IP address, geolocation, ISP (Internet Service Provider), etc. It is recommended to get rid of all suspicious applications, as soon as possible with a professional security product, preferably.