EdgeCommand Description

Mac users have to be on the lookout for another dubious application that is targeting their computers. Named EdgeCommand, this application is capable of acting as adware and a browser hijacker. Applications equipped with such intrusive functionalities are seldomly distributed through normal means. Instead, they rely on misleading tactics such as bundling or fake installers/updates mostly to avoid being noticed by the users. This questionable behavior explains their classification as PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).

EdgeCommand monetizes its presence on the Mac by running an advertising campaign that injects third-party advertisements into the visited websites. If engaged, the advertisements could take the users to suspicious or outright unsafe places, such as online tactics or phishing schemes. Other common destinations include shady game portals or sites promoting various PUPs.

The other annoying consequence of having EdgeCommand present on your Mac is that it will take over users' Web browsers. The application will modify the homepage, new tab page and the default search engine. Each affected setting will be set to open a promoted search engine. In the vast majority of cases, the promoted engine cannot deliver any results on its own and is regarded as fake. To show results, it will redirect the user's search queries through a legitimate one such as Yahoo, Bing or Google.

PUPs also are known for possessing data-tracking capabilities. They collect various browsing information and transmit it to the server of their operators continuously. The information may include numerous device details, as well as the entire browsing history, search history and clicked URLs.