DynamicImprovement Description

DynamicImprovement is a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) that is targeting Mac users. Dubious applications such as this one employ various underhanded tactics designed to hide their installation from the attention of the user specifically. Techniques such as software bundling or hiding inside a fake installer/updater are among the most commonly used. As a general rule, users should always pay attention when installing applications from new and unproven sources.

Therefore, if DynamicImprovement manages to sneak itself onto the Mac system, it will begin to generate monetary gains for its creators by running an intrusive advertising campaign. The generated applications will impact heavily the browsing experience on the device. More importantly, clicking on any of the shown banners, coupons, pop-ups, etc, could trigger a forced redirect to a questionable third-party website. Users risk landing on phishing pages, suspicious gaming portals, domains spreading additional PUPS and more.

However, the biggest problem is DynamicImprovement's data harvesting capabilities. The PUP could try to obtain sensitive user information including account credentials, banking data, and debit/credit card numbers. The acquired data will then be uploaded to a remote server where the operators of the application could exploit it in a variety of ways. They initiate fraudulent purchases, try to escalate their reach by compromising accounts belonging to the user or simply try to sell the data to interested parties.