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DominantPartition is adware for macOS that delivers unwanted advertisements. It also may redirect the user's browser, especially their Web searches, or provoke computer damage-themed alerts. Users should avoid unofficial software updates and disreputable downloads that could install this program and remove DominantPartition with an appropriate anti-adware application for their safety.

Equally Domineering over Mac Browsers and Their Users

Adware, or advertising software, remains a significant proportion of questionably-consensual installations, whether it's on Windows, Linux, or the macOS. For the latter, DominantPartition represents a surge in adware that comes with added problems that no user would want. Besides advertisements, DominantPartition offers inconveniences that range from hijacking browsers to disrupting Internet connections.

This Week In Malware Episode 44 Part 2: Questionable DominantPartition App Hits Mac Computers With Unwanted Advertisements

However, DominantPartition's core features are advertising – such as generating pop-up windows, injecting banners into Web pages, or inserting links into text – for monetization. It features these capabilities in most browsers, including Safari, Chrome and Firefox. As malware experts confirm with other related examples (such as StandardBoost, SkilledObject, TrustedAnalog, or CleanParameter), DominantPartition also redirects Web searches to an affiliate site, with questionable result accuracy.

Users may recognize DominantPartition without needing to watch for advertisement-related symptoms. Some users are experiencing issues with security features blocking DominantPartition, under a 'DominantPartitiond will damage your computer' pop-up. The extra letter 'd' is a running theme with macOS adware from this group, although it appears to have no overt meaning.

The Second Catch to Non-Consensual Advertisements

There also is another 'gotcha' to DominantPartition, besides its features. Adware from this group often uses Flash update tactics for their installation – which is interesting since Adobe no longer supports Flash and encourages uninstalling it. Malware experts also consistently point to Adload Trojan downloaders involving themselves in the circulation of DominantPartition and related adware. Trojan downloaders don't always limit themselves to adware and this factor constitutes a major security risk.

Setting aside the secondary threat, adware like DominantPartition also harms users by risking their exposure to unsafe content. Other fake update tactics, prize giveaways that collect credentials like e-mail addresses and scripted exploits are prominent examples. Most users should follow the recommendations of malware experts and act for removing all adware and regaining control over their browsers sooner, rather than later.

Anti-malware products should block Adload from delivering its payload, while most anti-adware programs for Macs should deflect or remove DominantPartition. Most users should avoid manual removal routines, which typically miss some components that can continue causing pop-ups, connection issues and other problems.

DominantPartition is dominant, but only in the sense that programs without morals can get away with a great deal. Lying about what kind of software is getting installed might help with installation rates, but also is a clear flag that the user should get rid of that program and fast.


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