Threat Database Adware DeployUpdater


DeployUpdater is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) with both adware and browser hijacker qualities. Its purpose is to generate and display intrusive advertisements in addition to hijacking the Web browser and altering its settings to promote a fake search engine. Many users download and install PUPs unintentionally since these programs spread through questionable methods, like being embedded into the installers of popular freeware.

DeployUpdater displays pop-ups, fake coupons, banners, and other advertisements as an adware application. Such multi-media content usually promotes various online tactics, websites that market other questionable applications or collect sensitive information, and so on. Advertisements generated by DeployUpdater also can be designed to run possibly corrupted scripts, which download and install other undesired applications.

Also, DeployUpdater modifies specific browser settings, such as the default search engine, new tab URL and homepage. All three are being replaced with a fake search engine, which again promotes shady pages and services.

Chances that this application can gather sensitive information about its users also are high. Other examples of similar applications are ControlProcess, FlexibleFormat, ExpandedCollection, etc. Due to its many unsafe and undesired features, DeployUpdater should be removed as soon as possible from all affected devices.


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