Threat Database Adware FlexibleFormat


FlexibleFormat is an adware application with some browser hijacker features. Due to the dubious methods that FlexibleFormat uses for its distribution, it is classified as a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application).

Adware applications are responsible for the placement of third-party graphical content in the form of banners, pop-ups, and coupons on various websites and other interfaces. This software kind typically leads to a low-quality browsing experience for affected users and, additionally, imposes a threat to the safety of the devices on which it operates.

Advertisements generated by FlexibleFormat promote various untrustworthy and dubious websites and online services. What is more, some of the intrusive advertisements can even download and install threatening software when clicked on, so they represent a threat to the user’s online safety and identity definitely.

The browser hijacker feature of FlexibleFormat assigns a fake search engine address as the browsers' homepage, default search engine and new tab URL. After that, all Web searches that the user performs via the URL bar redirect to the promoted address. The same thing happens when the user launches a new tab or a new window. Fraudulent search engines like the one promoted by FlexibleFormat cannot generate unique search results, so they redirect to some legitimate search machine. Browser hijackers also prevent users from recovering the previous state of their browser by employing specific persistence-ensuring techniques. Additionally, PUAs can track sensitive user data and then sell it to third parties for a profit. To summarize, the presence of FlexibleFormat can lead to malware infections, severe privacy issues, financial losses and even identity theft. Experts recommend affected users remove any such applications as soon as possible.


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