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Cts.adssend.net is a low quality advertising platform that may be associated with various symptoms on affected computers. Cts.adssend.net pop-ups and advertisements may be caused by Potentially Unwanted Programs that may be installed as Web browser extensions or plug-ins. Problems regarding Cts.adssend.net have often been reported in connection with computers with the Mac OSX operating system. Cts.adssend.net pop-ups and redirects have been reported on various Web browsers commonly used on these operating systems, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. Cts.adssend.net redirects and similar symptoms may be caused by a PUP known as GoPhoto.it, which has been classified as an unwanted Web browser add-on, that may be distributed for the Mozilla Firefox Web browser. If GoPhoto.it is installed on your computer and you are experiencing Cts.adssend.net redirects and similar symptoms, it is important to remove this PUP immediately.

The Annoying Consequences of Cts.adssend.net's Presence

Most computer users affected by Cts.adssend.net pop-ups have reported that as soon as they launch their preferred Web browser, a large number of irritating pop-up messages and new tabs are opened automatically. These tabs may contain unwanted advertising material and fraudulent error messages. These error messages belong to a known social engineering tactic (that may try to persuade PC users to download a nonexistent update for a software on their computer). Unfortunately, the affected Web browser will continue to open new tabs and pop-up windows whenever the PC user tries to open a link or carry out the simplest tasks on the affected Web browser. It is important to note that Cts.adssend.net pop-ups will rarely occur on their own. Pop-ups from a whole host of low quality advertisement platforms may be opened simultaneously, including the following:

– beadr.com
– cts.adssend.net
– eadvertsiements.com
– a.advertisements.com
– fetcharate.com

Affected Web browsers may be redirected to the website mackeeperapp.zerobit.com, which is associated with known online tactics.


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