Threat Database Browser Hijackers

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers is a doubtful website, which imitates a legal and safe search engine. is related to malware threats such as adware and browser hijackers that may increase traffic of the certain advertising website. Adware and browser hijackers pertaining to may be able to make changes to browser settings and result in annoying diversions to misleading commercial websites. Malware infections associated with may embed an unwanted plug-in into almost every web browser installed on the computer system, which is supposed to give services of a search provider. However, the search given by the toolbar/add-on of may operate confusing. Frirstly, PC users may get some trustworthy search results, but suddenly they receive falsified URLs that are linked to Malware infections connected with may also modify the default homepage and search provider with, or open it as a new tab page. Adware related to may show a variety of unwanted pop-up ads that are used by attackers to generate revenue from the pay-per-click technique. Computer users should uninstall all malware threats connected with and the toolbar to stop annoying redirects to


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