Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware

Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware Description

The Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware is a ransomware Trojan that originated in Turkey, and was created by a programmer that is known as 'Alp.' The Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware is an upgrade of CryptoLocker, a well-known ransomware Trojan that was first observed in 2013. This ransomware Trojan was in development through the end of 2015, when its development was interrupted. Apparently, the Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware is part of an effort to return to the development of this well-known threat. The Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware uses the RSA-2048 encryption, a strong obfuscation procedure, a different packaging and interface, and an effective ransomware attack.

How the Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware may Infect a Computer

The Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware is being distributed using social engineering techniques and corrupted email attachments. The Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware project was observed on GitHub and seems to be distributed as a PDF file that claims to be a job application or other legitimate file. Once the file is opened, the Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware infects the victim's computer, encrypting files on all local hard drives, external memory devices connected to the infected computer, and directories shared on a network. The Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware will encrypt the following file types during its attack:

.odt , .ods , .odp , .odm , .odc , .odb , .doc , .docx , .docm , .wps , .xls , .xlsx , .xlsm , .xlsb , .xlk , .ppt , .pptx , .pptm , .mdb , .accdb , .pst , .dwg , .xf , .dxg , .wpd , .rtf , .wb2 , .mdf , .dbf , .psd , .pdd , .pdf , .eps , .ai , .indd , .cdr , .jpg , .jpe , .dng , .3fr , .arw , .srf , .sr2 , .bay , .crw , .cr2 , .dcr , .kdc , .erf , .mef , .mrwref , .nrw , .orf , .raf , .raw , .rwl , .rw2 , .r3d , .ptx , .pef , .srw , .x3f , .der , .cer , .crt , .pem , .pfx , .p12 , .p7b , .p7c , .c , .cpp , .txt , .jpeg , .png , .gif , .mp3 , .html , .css , .js , .sql , .mp4 , .flv , .m3u , .py , .desc , .con , .htm , .bin , .wotreplay , .unity3d , .big , .pak , .rgss3a , .epk , .bik , .slm , .lbf , .sav , .lng , .ttarch2 , .mpq , .re4 , .apk , .bsa , .cab , .ltx , .forge , .asset , .litemod , .iwi , .das , .upk , .bar , .hkx , .rofl , .DayZProfile , .db0 , .mpqge , .vfs0 , .mcmeta , .m2 , .lrf , .vpp_pc , .ff , .cfr , .snx , .lvl , .arch00 , .ntl , .fsh , .w3x , .rim ,psk , .tor , .vpk , .iwd , .kf , .mlx , .fpk , .zip , .vtf , .001 , .esm , .blob , .dmp , .layout , .menu , .ncf , .sid , .sis , .ztmp , .vdf , .mcgame , .fos , .sb , .im , .wmo , .itm , .map , .wmo , .sb , .svg , .cas , .gho , .iso , .rar , .syncdb , .mdbackup , .hkdb , .hplg , .hvpl , .icxs , .itdb , .itl , .mddata , .sidd , .sidn , .bkf , .qic , .bkp , .bc7 , .bc6 , .pkpass , .tax , .gdb , .qdf , .t12 , .t13 , .ibank , .sum , .sie , .sc2save , .d3dbsp , .wmv , .avi , .wma , .m4a , .7z , .torrent , .csv , .cs , .jar , .java , .class.

The files that have been encrypted using the Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware Trojan will have the comment 'LOCKED File' added to the file's properties. The names and extensions of the affected files will remain the same, but their icon will become the icon for the default Text Editor. The Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware uses a ransom note that is displayed in a pop-up window that uses red and blue coloring and is named the Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware. The Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware ransom note contains the following text (originally in Turkish):

'Personal files
Photos and important files on the computer, videos, Documents, etc. were encrypted with a unique RSA-2048 key
- If you choose the RED, there are no copies. Goodbye to everything you have! We will delete your files.
- If you take BLUE the story is better. I have the KEY with me. You can get rid of the Trojan and sleep comfortably.
Send me an email with the "Send Mail" button and save your files.

Clicking on the RED button will delete all the encrypted files so that caution is paramount.

Dealing with the Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware

If your computer is infected with the Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware, ignore the ransom note and refrain from paying the Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware ransom. Instead, PC security researchers advise computer users to restore their files from a backup copy. Future infections also can be prevented with the help of a reliable, fully updated anti-malware application.

Aliases: Win32/Trojan.33a, Inject2.BWZN [AVG], W32/Bitman.FO!tr [Fortinet], Trojan.Win32.Injector [Ikarus], Trojan.Win32.Qudamah.Gen.2, a variant of Win32/Injector.BXSI,, Artemis!E78654D43FCF [McAfee], Ransom:Win32/Tescrypt.A [Microsoft], Trojan[Ransom]/Win32.Bitman [Antiy-AVL], TR/Injector.502272.6, Trojan/Bitman.w, Troj/Ransom-AST [Sophos], Trojan.AVKill.36611 [DrWeb] and TrojWare.Win32.Ransom.Bitman.~NS [Comodo].

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Technical Information

File System Details

Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware creates the following file(s):
# File Name Size MD5 Detection Count
1 %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Crypto\sysgop.exe 276,883 3c282af747b4f70340dca3170d55ae29 245
2 %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Crypto\sysjar.exe 404,513 eb2cde846127106689d14afe7911bcec 150
3 %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Crypto\syspoz.exe 237,400 1b21b27589ddc173ba795213e108a096 38
4 %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Crypto\sysras.exe 220,726 881f86bf4bb4b9f0e993b2853a0a27cf 36
5 КЫРГЫЗ РЕСПУБЛИКАСЫ сейчас КЫРГЫЗСКАЯ РЕСПУБЛИКА.docx.exe 545,454 acf9873c86e35b9bee0db158befe8163 7
6 %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\????? ?????\план части.docx.exe 305,099 bac4daf1ba563a5fdd01691441cedc9b 6
7 04fb36199787f2e3e2135611a38321eb 346,112 04fb36199787f2e3e2135611a38321eb 2
8 7F9C454A2E016E533E181D53EBA113BC 846,848 7f9c454a2e016e533e181d53eba113bc 2
9 %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\Тесты по модулю Пищеварительная система для студентов 2-курса факультета лечебное дело.docx.exe 3,998,800 49115ff6fe4016169c24ff3783010321 1
10 E:\?? ?????????\Выписка из Протокола.docx.exe 296,581 06dbb0786866ec652b12ddfcc204a735 1
11 1d078f7168bd934908c48a33d8262b148640b67d0ab541ba117289233ee3a529.exe 204,916 251205f74931cdb80ad777ede58f2db2 1
12 220f5c315444e42553d6fac303ffc5b7e64981531b8071cf8ea611ea0e28543c.exe 237,684 cbdd1888c654c75810f9b00b27ec983c 1
13 3f157f579ada48b242e266c79ae23d4d718f8088979e549b33da3d694428bc77.exe 258,164 01209e975636fce1ee46b478ea8f1be7 1
14 488bbe6561723a37f6d16f217c4d95743ef23a9c8114af7ba8ccfdf22b12098d.exe 237,684 75bcebb2c5f72a80d31ecf66d7123634 1
15 5a3db1b897d89c616bf092553c05017e85fe904054f0fc060abf1bf8d9ba549f.exe 278,644 e7505809c814eb31fac9d8c44ac1d1ed 1
16 9d69a762a2e6f30af6b228ce99997f12be086e75a26a43f1b04436562fe93154.exe 258,164 593a053f756b22ced53daeb280be7a9a 1
17 aaffb5ebce953607389b8cc994091c7501edf33fe9952bf3440428dd4fd6f6d4.exe 237,684 6dbafa1c6c0879e652fa6aa5af489bbb 1
18 bdbf23021a8e97e4f327f40e3ab32e2015531a36d296f16387e860ec470c5702.exe 204,916 f69bdf61597fb32178967a1ccbaeb5ed 1
19 cab632fca64fc77a1f55168ad94561a8e98e47a6b27adcb5419e81fee90c959b.exe 237,684 8a3a3256e0a6916812d559f745775a89 1
20 cc9981e200e16cbcd07ed65cace21d4d3231e5f5692d3f3514dd3a4ae3fcec38.exe 204,916 852ba82c79a2f0866d32385ddbf543d4 1
21 ef364eaaaa0eafb0c2b07ce81155747e8ba94765936ffbddf898aeebea8d974c.exe 237,684 406631a8efc352d7c52766494c91a9d2 1
22 f4c355cb4edbd3ed33d72ffa40f8eff7db75bf0f5bbb05ba879485c18cb8e93e.exe 237,684 d7da5ca5ab0918d4ab5e0d93ef141b95 1
23 ff840253612375a5d1427bfe87ecdf70a8c809566dc74a21f63ee33e43108b3f.exe 212,394 3af29be2ef52803e26a8f0c1b57f0cbc 1
24 829DDE7015C32D7D77D8128665390DAB 257,024 829dde7015c32d7d77d8128665390dab 1
25 eb5eb336636e3f6cacf6c8db6bf4ea00 604,410 eb5eb336636e3f6cacf6c8db6bf4ea00 0
More files

Registry Details

Cryptolocker 1.0.0 Ransomware creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
Regexp file mask

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