Threat Database Adware Core Share Mac

Core Share Mac

The Core Share Mac is an adware application advertising itself as a useful Mac tool. However, its core functionality involves delivering intrusive advertisements on the systems it is present on and generating monetary gains for its creators in the process. Usually, users do not even realize that a suspicious application, such as Core Share Mac, is being installed on their devices. This fact is not that surprising since all these dubious applications do not wait for users to find, download, and install them willingly. Instead, they spread themselves via deceptive tactics designed to hide their installation from the attention of the user. Such methods are bundling or hiding inside a fake installer/updater of a more popular software product. The reliance on such underhanded methods classified Core Share Mac as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).

The effects of having Core Share Mac on your device will become obvious almost immediately. The application will begin to cause unwanted browser redirects, as well as generating various unwanted advertisements. Users should be careful since engaging with the presented advertisements could take them to unsafe third-party pages such as online tactics, phishing schemes, fake giveaways, etc. Not to mention, the significantly diminished user experience on the device.

Another worrisome aspect that must be taken into account, is that most PUPs spy on the browsing activities of the users. The applications access the browsing history, search history, device details such as IP address, geolocation, etc. All gathered data will then be packaged and uploaded to a remote server under the control of the PUP's operators. 


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