Threat Database Adware ConsoleConnection


Another PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) targeting Mac users has been identified by cybersecurity experts. The dubious application is named ConsoleConnection and it possesses the capabilities of adware and a browser hijacker. Like all PUPs, ConsoleConnection doesn't wait for the users to download and install it willingly. Instead, it is being distributed by underhanded methods, such as bundling or fake installers/updates for more popular software products.

The intrusive advertisements generated by the PUP could impact the browsing experience on the device severely. However, more importantly, they can redirect to suspicious third-party websites, where the unsuspecting users could be exposed to online tactics, phishing pages, domains spreading additional PUPs and more.

As for the browser hijacker functionality of ConsoleConnection, it is tasked with taking control over the user's Web browser. The goal is to modify certain settings such as the homepage, new tab page, and the default search engine to generate as much artificial traffic towards a sponsored page as possible. Indeed, whenever the user starts the affected browser, opens a new tab, or initiates a search in the URL bar, it would open the promoted address immediately. 

PUPs also are known for possessing data-tracking routines. While present on the system, these applications could be tracking each page opened by the user, as well as every clicked link and conducted search. Furthermore, the PUP also may access certain device details such as IP addresses, geolocation, and ISP (Internet Service Provider). Users are strongly encouraged to remove all PUPs from their computers and devices as soon as they notice the first symptoms associated with the activity of such applications. 


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