Threat Database Adware ConnectionCache


ConnectionCache is a dubious application that is capable of acting both as adware and as a browser hijacker. It targets Mac users predominantly and relies on underhanded techniques, such as bundling to hide its installation. As a result, most users will notice the intruder application when it starts to manifest its monetization tactics. Applications that display such deceptive behavior also are classified as PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).

First, ConnectionCache may try to monetize its presence on the Mac by running an ad campaign. The unwanted advertisement materials presented to the user could range from in-text links to pop-ups, banners and surveys. Users should avoid engaging with advertisements coming from such suspicious sources or risk being taken to untrustworthy pages.

At the same time, ConnectionCache also is programmed to take over specific browser settings. Typically, this involves the homepage, new tab page, and the default search engine. All three will be forced to open a promoted address that in nearly all cases belongs to a fake search engine. Fake engines provide results either from a legitimate one or will redirect the user's search through a dubious engine generating low-quality results. 

PUPs should be removed as soon as possible. These applications are known for having data-collection capabilities. The targeted data may include the users browsing activities, as well as certain device details - IP address, geolocation, ISP and more. 


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