'Congratulations You just received TetherUSDT' Scam

'Congratulations You just received TetherUSDT' Scam Description

The con artists have launched another phishing scheme that tries to take advantage of users involved in the crypto coin sphere. This time, the deceptive websites are designed to appear as rewards delivered by the legitimate Blockchain.com digital asset platform. The pages promise that their visitors have won 5300 USDT (Tether) coins.

Turned into USD, this amounts to $5000 approximately. However, keep in mind that all crypto coins are volatile inherently and that valuation could change in an instant, as the coin jumps up and down the chart. The exact price of USDT doesn't matter as the 'Congratulations You just received TetherUSDT' scam will not deliver even a single coin to its victims.

After capturing the attention of its visitors, the phishing page will instruct users to input their crypto-wallet credentials described as '12 Word Secret Private Key Recovery Phrase.' Any information provided to such phishing schemes will become available to their operators. As a result, users may lose access to any accounts associated with the compromised credentials. The fraudsters are then likely to siphon out any funds stored in the victim's account and redistribute them among their own digital wallets.