Beware of Aggressive 'Download Diablo 3 for free' Phishing Scam Surveys and Links

download-diablo-3-for-free-scamWhat happens to be one of the most highly anticipated computer games, after a long 12 years in the making, Diablo 3 is finally released to the public.

Being the most wanted computer game to surface from a long hiatus, Diablo 3 is available for PC and Mac computers. The large audience of eager gamers wanting their own copy of Diablo 3, has hackers working overtime to flood the Internet gates with new phishing scams for those seeking a download of Diablo 3.

Security experts, along with our very own researchers, have taken particular notice to an uprise in phishing scams specifically targeting the phrase 'Download Diablo 3 for free'. Of course, you may not obtain the new Diablo 3 game for free. If you do, you may be subjecting yourself to a world of trouble not only from Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of Diablo 3, but from treacherous hackers attempting to offer the game for free through a phishing attack.

Being that video game experts expect Diablo 3 to sell upwards of 3.5 million copies this year alone, scamming hackers have a vast field to play the game of phishing. The phishing methods discovered from the 'Download Diablo 3 for free' links, usually found on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, redirects computer users to a site asking to fill out a survey or share/like the links. This particular phishing method, has been around for many years but continues to rank high on the list of ammunition hackers use to extract personal data from Internet users.

The surveys observed in this recent 'Download Diablo 3 for free' phishing scam, appear to be mostly harmless. Unfortunately, the harm comes about when these surveys are actually completed, which will relinquish personal information. On the other end of the surveys are usually hackers who are eager to receive the survey data, so they may use it to pilfer ones online accounts. On the flip side of things, hackers may also utilize these surveys to get paid by meeting a specific quota for completed surveys. Either way, computer gamers need to beware of this scam.

Computer gamers are only one particular demographic being targeted by unrelenting hackers. Ultimately, these hackers may be using such phishing scams to earn a quick dollar. It should be known, all types of computer users connected to the Internet should be proactive about phishing scams. Not only should one utilize the latest antimalware or antivirus programs on their system, but they should stay abreast of the latest types of scams circulating over the Internet. Remember, an antimalware or antivirus program will not prevent you from filling out a malicious online survey or clicking on a dangerous link.

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