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Atlanta, Orlando, and Denver Have the Highest Malware Infection Rates Among Major Cities in the U.S. During First Half of 2018 August 9, 2018
Authorities Arrest 19-Year-0ld LulzSec Hacker Suspect June 21, 2011
Authorities Bust Russian-Armenian Hacker Making $140,000/Month Using Bredolab Botnet October 29, 2010
Authorities Nab 20 Suspects in Anonymous-LulzSec Hacker Raids July 20, 2011
AV Protection 2011 and other FakeScanti Variants Modify HOSTS Files to Redirect to Other Fake AVs November 29, 2011
Aveo Trojan Infiltrating PCs in Japan to Pilfer Data Through a Backdoor August 18, 2016
Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a May be the Most Difficult Mobile Trojan to Remove June 12, 2013
Backup Your Files Now Because Ransomware is Becoming More Aggressive November 13, 2015
Baltimore Still Reeling From Ransomware Attack May 22, 2019
Bamital Botnet $1 Million/Year Cybercrime Ring Dismantled by Microsoft and Symantec February 7, 2013
Bangladesh Google Site Defaced by Pakistani Hackers December 22, 2016
Banker Trojan Uses Valid Digital Certificate to Bypass Security Solutions March 12, 2013
Banking Systems in Over 40 Countries Infected with Invisible Duqu Malware February 8, 2017
Banking Trojans Attack Nearly 1,500 Financial Institutions Around the World March 6, 2015
Banks Warned to Improve Cybersecurity to Close Sophisticated Attack Vulnerabilities September 1, 2016
Banload Banking-Theft Trojan Pesters Brazilian Windows Users July 24, 2017
Barium Group Threatens Millions of Computers Through Stealthy Supply Chain Hacking Attacks May 22, 2019
Bart Ransomware Creates Password-Protected ZIP Files in Place of Common Encryption June 27, 2016
Bart Ransomware Gets Free File Decrypter from Security Researcher July 20, 2016
BASHLITE Malware Hits Over One Million IoT Devices September 2, 2016
Beware of Aggressive 'Download Diablo 3 for free' Phishing Scam Surveys and Links May 17, 2012
Beware of Bank Account-Draining Malware Links Flourishing on Facebook Fan Pages June 3, 2013
Beware of Fake Walt Disney World Facebook Pages Offering Chances to Win a Free Vacation March 20, 2014
Beware of Michael Jackson One Year Death Anniversary Spam Email June 22, 2010
Beware of Smartphone Malware Lurking Behind Quick Response (QR) Scan Codes December 15, 2011
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