Anchor Intelligence Reveals Scary Browser Hijacking Demonstration Video

If you have ever been through a browser hijacking experience, then you may know how frustrating it really is to witness an endless onslaught of popups and misleading warning notifications appear on your screen.

Achor Intelligence, the quality assessment company that was partly responsible for cracking down on a multi-million dollar click-fraud ring just recently, has released a scary video demonstrating a browser hijacking experience and the massive impact of online advertising.

Online advertising keeps a large majority of sites on the Internet running due to ad revenue streams. Hackers have taken advantage of the shear power behind advertisements. Anchor Intelligence has offered a new report called "The Uninvited Guest: A Browser Hijacking Experience, Dissected" that takes us through a journey into the world of a hijacked browser.

We have all witnessed it at one time, the annoying popup advertisement. What if you kept getting annoying adverts plastered all over your screen constantly badgering you about some type of computer infection or security issue that was detected? Would you go crazy? If you are squeamish enough, you will eventually give-into clicking on the wrong thing which may prompt the download and installation of a malicious application. In the case of Anchor Intelligence’s video demonstrating of a browser being hijacked is exactly what happens. The program called Total Security, known as a rogue anti-spyware program, is automatically installed onto the system during the browser hijacking.

I urge you to view the video below from Anchor Intelligence demonstrating a live browser hijacking. The video below is only for entertainment purposes. Do not attempt to replicate the scenario demonstrated in the video. You can seriously damage your system.