Anonymous Hacker Group Retaliates over ISIS Paris Attacks, Takes Down Thousands of Pro-ISIS Twitter Accounts

anonymous hacker group retaliation isis paris attacksThe recent Paris, France attacks are undoubtedly unfortunate, and our thoughts go out to all of those affected by the terrorist events. After the attacks had commenced, the infamous Anonymous hacker group announced that they will pay ISIS back for the attacks. Holding up to their word, the Anonymous hacktivist group has waged an internet war on ISIS by taking down nearly 4,000 Pro-ISIS Twitter accounts and plan on ramping up their efforts to attack the terrorists.

In the past, Anonymous has made it known as to what they did not like happening around the world. In letting everyone know their stance on most circumstances and beliefs, they took actions within their power to hack certain entities that they did not agree with sometimes exposing private information to oust them in ways that would make it difficult for a full recovery.

It only took Anonymous one day after the ISIS Paris attacks to create a Twitter account for the whole #OpParis operation and a website to centralize all ISIS accounts that they take down. The website will be a central spot for indexing ISIS members based on their real name, location, picture, and social accounts including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. By forming such a site with details on potential ISIS members, Anonymous may aid law enforcement and the FBI in tracking down ISIS perpetrators.

By taking down over 3,800 ISIS-owned Twitter accounts, Anonymous' efforts seem to be much more aggressive than they have ever been. The determination to hack ISIS accounts and expose members appears to be an effort that law enforcement agencies may praise, which is a rare circumstance considering how law enforcement has always frowned upon hacker groups like Anonymous and their hacking shenanigans.

The latest tweet from Anonymous' Twitter account set up to combat ISIS over the internet, #OpParis (@opparisofficial), has will continually post updates on their efforts as they have with the latest Tweet below.

As a follow-up to Anonymous' OpParis embattlement against ISIS, they released the video below declaring war on ISIS in their customary "we are Anonymous" method.

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