Clean Virus

Clean Virus Description

Clean Virus is a rogue security program that is part of a large batch of Korean bogus anti-virus programs that was released in 2011. These fake security programs are characterized by having a highly stylized interface and design. However, Clean Virus offers no security solutions for your computer system. ESG security researchers firmly recommend deleting Clean Virus from your computer system. The presence of this rogue security application on your computer system can affect your computer in numerous ways, including severe system performance problems, browser redirects, trouble accessing your files and constant error messages. Not only that, Clean Virus also makes an infected computer system more vulnerable to other malware threats. Because of this, use a legitimate anti-malware program to remove Clean Virus and stay away from unsafe websites, such as those that include corrupted advertisements or websites involved in the sharing of pirated software or illegally-obtained movies and music.

Taking a Better Look at Clean Virus

Most users will have no problems identifying a Clean Virus infection. Every message and text in its interface is entirely in Korean, making this rogue security application especially confusing for non-Koreans. The name 'Clean Virus' is displayed in English letters with a logo that is composed of three computer monitors in green, blue and orange. Clean Virus' design includes various supposed meters and measuring displays, similar to fluctuating sine waves and an engine display. However, these are all just for show and detect nothing on your computer system. The one aspect of Clean Virus that does work is its ability to create constant fake system alerts. These error messages are entirely in Korean and will severely affect your computer's performance. The constant pop-up windows also make normal usage of your computer impractical.

How the Clean Virus Scam Works

Despite being Korean, the Clean Virus scam is identical to traditional, English-language rogue security programs. Rogue security programs are designed to cause various problems on the infected computer system, detect a large number of non-existent malware infections and then try to induce computer users to acquire a worthless 'full version' of the rogue security program in question. Clean Virus is no exception! However, one aspect of these kinds of Korean rogue security programs is the fact that they install various files and folders that are typical of legitimate anti-virus programs in order to mislead their victim. In fact, Clean Virus even contains an 'Uninstall' application which is just for show.

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  • Angel Manton:

    There's 2 bugs/virus on my phone and i really need to get them removed before they cause any harm to my device

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