Chrome Protect - Smart Search

Chrome Protect - Smart Search Description

Type: Browser Hijackers

The Chrome Protect - Smart Search promises to provide users with a more secure way to search the Web. Unfortunately, its actual capabilities fall short of these lofty goals. In fact, analysis of the application reveals that it is little more than another intrusive browser hijacker. Its functionality allows it to modify certain browser settings to promote and generate artificial traffic towards a sponsored address.

Users who have the Chrome Protect - Smart Search installed will soon notice that the typical homepage, new tab page, and default search engine have all been substituted with an unfamiliar address - The site belongs to a fake search engine that would otherwise fail to garner any attention from users.

So far, the fake engine has been observed to redirect the initiated searches through the legitimate Google search engine. However, users should keep in mind that dubious search engines are often noticed to cause redirect chains. In these cases, the user's search could be redirected through multiple dubious websites. The quality of the shown results could be very low. Furthermore, they may include various sponsored ads or links to untrustworthy third-party sites.

Fake search engines and their associated applications also may be equipped with data-tracking routines. They may collect both browsing-related information, as well as various device details and transmit them to a remote server.

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