CH Miner

CH Miner is a potent malware threat capable of performing numerous invasive actions on the infected machines. Its set of features goes well beyond the scope typically observed in miner threats. Apart from hijacking the resources of the breached device, and utilizing them to mine for a chosen cryptocurrency, the CH Miner also can act as a RAT (Remote Access Trojan). This means that the threat actors will have backdoor access to the device. They can drop additional threatening payloads, access the webcam, start logging keystrokes, manipulate the files system and more. The hackers also will be able to execute shell commands and C# code, as well as inject the threat into any connected USB drives.

Depending on their particular goals, the attackers also could perform some more niche actions. They can open and visit chosen websites, modify the current desktop background, open windows to display specific messages, enable a blank screen or log off, restart, and shut down the entire computer. To hide their tracks, the hackers may instruct CH Miner to close itself temporarily or be completely uninstalled.

The CH Miner threat was found being offered for sale on hacker forums. Its creators have previously released a different malware threat tracked as Echelon Stealer. The CH Miner is sold in multiple tiers, ranging from $20 for three days to $200 for a whole year. A lifetime license will cost any wannabe criminals $300, while access to the source code of the threat is available for the sum of $1000.


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