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Adware is software that may deliver intrusive advertisements on websites and other interfaces. These advertisements could be used as a way to promote online tactics, dubious software, and PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), as well as shady online gaming/betting platforms. Additionally, applications of this type are often equipped with data-collecting functionality. The operators of adware are primarily interested in users' browsing activity, such as visited URLs, viewed pages, and searched queries. However, some adware and PUPs could also harvest personal information, usernames/passwords and financial data extracted from browsers' autofill data. This exfiltrated information could be exploited in various ways for profit, including being sold to any interested third parties.

Signs of Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPS) Being Present on Your Device

Adware is software that may display advertisements, collect the user data, redirect Web traffic and more. Unfortunately, an adware can be difficult to detect and identify because these applications gain access to devices via deceptive distribution tactics that often mask the fact that additional items are being deployed to the user's system.

  1. Advertisements Suddenly Appearing in Browsers

One tell-tale sign of an adware presence is the sudden appearance of advertisements in your browser or on the system as a whole. Pop-ups and banners pointing to various services suddenly appearing in your browser often indicate the presence of adware on your system.

  1. Suspicious Search Results

PUPs could cause redirects to dubious or fake search engines and users may be presented with search results that are full of sponsored links and advertisements disguised as legitimate content. The key here is to pay attention to what results you get when searching, compared to what results should usually appear - if they differ significantly, then there's a chance something fishy is going on!

  1. Browser Redirects and Changes in Homepage Settings

PUPs and browser hijackers also may cause unexpected redirects, which take users far away from their intended destination or force them to visit dubious websites. Additionally, changes made by the software might make it difficult for users to reset their browser homepage settings.


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