Backdoor.Multi.ZAccess.gen Description

The Zero Access rootkit is a malware infection that has been a pain in the side of PC security researchers since its first appearances in 2009. Backdoor.Multi.ZAccess.gen is a kernel mode rootkit, and ESG security analysts consider Backdoor.Multi.ZAccess.gen one of the most advanced variants of this kind of malware infection. Newer variants of the ZeroAccess rootkit are just as powerful as other, more established rootkit infections like TDSS and the TDL family. The main danger of a Backdoor.Multi.ZAccess.gen infection is the fact that Backdoor.Multi.ZAccess.gen handles a hidden volume in the infected hard drive in a way that allows it to work easily with other kinds of malware.

Basically, Backdoor.Multi.ZAccess.gen stores other malware in its hidden volume, giving it full access to the infected computer system while making its detection and removal nearly impossible with conventional anti-malware tools. The Backdoor.Multi.ZAccess.gen rootkit has been associated with several different malware attacks, including a large outbreak of browser hijacker attacks designed to direct computer users toward fake search engines and new variants of the FakeVimes family of rogue security software, which are bundled along with Backdoor.Multi.ZAccess.gen and its variants in order to become very difficult to remove from the infected computer system.

Dealing with a Backdoor.Multi.ZAccess.gen Infection

The main problem with a Backdoor.Multi.ZAccess.gen infection is the fact that, by itself, Backdoor.Multi.ZAccess.gen produces almost no symptoms. Most of the time, the symptoms of an attack are usually directly related to the malware that is being distributed along with the Backdoor.Multi.ZAccess.gen rootkit. This puts Backdoor.Multi.ZAccess.gen in a different position than most Trojans and viruses, since Backdoor.Multi.ZAccess.gen is often the most dangerous part of a malware infection while at the same time serving what is almost exclusively a supportive role for the other malware involved in the attack.

A Backdoor.Multi.ZAccess.gen infection specifically allows a criminal to gain backdoor access to the infected computer system, disables and interferes with any security software installed on the infected machine, and creates a hidden volume within the victim's hard drive where Backdoor.Multi.ZAccess.gen can hide itself and other malware from detection. To remove a Backdoor.Multi.ZAccess.gen infection, it is almost always necessary to use a specialized anti-rootkit tool which has the ability to remove Backdoor.Multi.ZAccess.gen without removing or corrupting vital system files. Another alternative is to use advanced security software that already has this anti-rootkit technology integrated into its features.

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