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Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 100 % (High)
Infected Computers: 1,759
First Seen: November 30, 2010
Last Seen: January 23, 2022
OS(es) Affected: Windows

The Rogue:Win32/FakeVimes family of malware is a group of fake security applications that has been prevalent since at least 2009. There are numerous fake security programs belonging to the FakeVimes family, including earlier rogue anti-virus programs like Malware Catcher 2009 and Smart Engine, as well as other Rogue:Win32/FakeVimes clones that include such fake security applications as The presence of malware belonging to the Rogue:Win32/FakeVimes family on your computer is a severe intrusion into your computer's security and can be devastating if not treated immediately with a real, reliable and advanced anti-malware application. Basically, any program in the Rogue:Win32/FakeVimes family of malware claims that they scan your computer system for malware, but actually does nothing but harass the victim with constant fake warnings claiming that the victim's computer is infected. The catch is that FakeVimes programs claim that they will only remove these nonexistent problems if the victim is willing to purchase a registration code for a "full version" of Rogue:Win32/FakeVimes responsible for the attack. Rogue:Win32/FakeVimes has been known to use trademarked logos and product names in order to disguise themselves as legitimate security programs.

How Rogue:Win32/FakeVimes Attacks your Computer System

FakeVimes programs have been known to carry out browser hijacking and web browser redirects. The presence of an invasive fake security program and constant fake security alerts on your computer are the main symptoms of an infection with a Rogue:Win32/FakeVimes threat. FakeVimes programs are particularly dangerous because they tend not to be limited to spamming their victims with fake error messages. Members of the Rogue:Win32/FakeVimes family of malware have been known to disable known security programs as well as being able to stop file processes corresponding to applications that are often useful when dealing with malware.

FakeVimes programs can also bypass the Windows firewall, connect to a remote server and make dangerous changes to the Windows Registry. Recent members of the Rogue:Win32/FakeVimes family, particularly in 2012, have been known to be bundled with a rootkit component. This means that, while malware researchers have been able to update security software in order to deal with Rogue:Win32/FakeVimes infections, the rootkit component makes the Rogue:Win32/FakeVimes infection undetectable. In these cases, an anti-rootkit application may be necessary before trying to remove the Rogue:Win32/FakeVimes infection itself.


15 security vendors flagged this file as malicious.

Anti-Virus Software Detection
BitDefender Trojan.FakeAV.LEO
NOD32 a variant of Win32/Kryptik.GUW
BitDefender Gen:Variant.Barys.905
eSafe Win32.TRATRAPS
Avast Win32:Kryptik-HWP [Trj]
McAfee FakeAlert-FBO!B33E80FC0218
CAT-QuickHeal Trojan.FakeAV.nemj
AVG Generic28.BAFO
Kaspersky Trojan.Win32.FakeAV.msml
McAfee Artemis!6ED6D330CDA2
Fortinet W32/Basine.C
Kaspersky Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Injector.cmiy
McAfee Artemis!92942C6A4924
Panda Adware/RogueJunkA

SpyHunter Detects & Remove FakeVimes

File System Details

FakeVimes may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. BA0cd_8001.exe ca3aeda1e62cccfdc148c947aeeeebd5 71
2. scandsk107d_8046[1].exe bb38279988fcd5dfb313ac7803588daf 53
3. BVcda_8039.exe 41697fb087b9d3924ad4d465e533cc48 52
4. TAf0f_8068.exe 1570e3d543406a1aac419a033bb701f9 50
5. scandsk107d_8001[1].exe 96943fd9b02fa996f348d7ce867c012b 15
6. scandsys107f_8028.exe ea088f10a1b9297f71c4b1f1f5dbaa61 13
7. MPd27_8051.exe 92942c6a4924ebf85f58c2591452474e 13
8. TA5e8_8044.exe 6d6a5c7e9d8522f35a56237a0a6c09ec 11
9. BAaba_8028.exe fc23a98def665c7ae23136ffdfbe268f 8
10. AVf4b_8050.exe d30f14b57d841c5ed78449d9d1d8f060 4
11. APd44_8028.exe b33e80fc0218e4e268e243422e37a87a 4
12. AS80c_8020.exe 53e00c57e1c105c837fc64d6813d2663 3
13. scandsk107d_8028[1].exe e8ca18008b508982c12c9b04307a7e90 3
14. AAdb4_8048.exe ae492045c2e412f3c0732bd20f468e20 3
15. AVa89_8050.exe fdad5e201d698b3d66c5bb45b94e3c12 2
16. AVd8d_8050.exe 3b3d15d3b26918819ccbafabe13f9502 2
17. TA81a_8068.exe ab23544a651bedbeee1d6da6bb8f401b 2
18. scandsk107d_8001[1].exe 101430a2539d0d5960b4d628fe8ad156 2
19. MP050_8032.exe 1b3324938817cd0c4d700d4acb2f02bb 1
20. 0.6567048221346792.exe 1d3c9c66bfb6e0431764de1a0dc6d058 1
21. 0.0013807596795621935.exe b1f6225e4f291f0030d27af3e2f9cc39 1
22. BA2ff_8001.exe fc649800fbb20ea1fc4c0bd4fe3921b3 1
23. BA676_8028.exe 6ed6d330cda226bb3cf8d9948b95b24c 1
24. BA62b_8001.exe a70a88be1fc5b481dc9065a349de3764 1
25. BA621_8097.exe d7d10ccece823eb9aefd5b401f79e16e 1
26. BA7e9_8028.exe 08d9a59ffab33559c38c4e3f323dbfb4 1
27. BA1ab_8028.exe 7387055fa87c5771d984a196da5e90b4 1
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