'APPLE SECURITY BREACH' Pop-Up Scam Description

The 'APPLE SECURITY BREACH' pop-up scam is being carried out by a dubious website. Users generally do no land on such pages willingly. It is far more likely that they will be taken there by PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) that have managed to sneak and install themselves on the users' computers without attracting attention. 

The page of the deceiving website states that the user has suffered an Apple security breach and personal files and photos are being transferred at the moment. To fix the problem, users are guided towards calling a provided phone number that is presented as belonging to the Apple Technical Support services. In addition, the page opens a FaceTime Apple login screen. In some cases, if there is a webcam connected to the computer, it might be used to display a view screen on the login page. 

All of the information presented by the 'APPLE SECURITY BREACH' pop-up scam is fake completely and shouldn't be believed at all. The supposed Apple security breach error doesn't exist, while the phone number is in no way connected to Apple. Instead, it is being operated by fraudsters. Any information (such as Apple ID/email and password) entered into the fake login page presented by the scheme will be scraped and transmitted to the con-artists. 

Calling the number exposes users to additional security risks. The fraudsters may demand being paid substantial fees for their supposed 'services.' They also could demand to be given remote access to the user's system under the pretense of stopping the fake data breach. If allowed, these people could then collect data or files from the device or drop malware threats on it. 

The best way to deal with the 'APPLE SECURITY BREACH' pop-up scam is to close the webpage and then scan your computer for any suspicious PUPs with a reputable anti-malware product.