'Apple Platform Security' Pop-Up Scam

'Apple Platform Security' Pop-Up Scam Description

Technical support tactics are a popular scheme employed by unscrupulous people who wish to take advantage of less tech-savvy users. This tactic usually displays one or more pop-up messages to visitors who land on its page. The pop-ups state that they are coming from a well-known company such as Microsoft or Apple. Then, they make various claims that numerous threats have been detected on the user's system. To stop any further damage to the computer or device, users must call the provided number immediately. The 'Apple Platform Security' pop-up scam follows that pattern exactly.

Anyone who lands on the page of the scheme will first see a massive pop-up window carrying the Safari icon and having Apple Platform Security written on the top. To induce panic in the user, the misleading message claims that the Mac computer has been blocked due to being infected with a Trojan and spyware threats. Apparently, the user's data - email credentials, banking details, Facebook logins, pictures, and documents, has already been compromised. The fearmongering antics continue with the outrageous claim that closing the pop-up window will cause a suspension of the user's Mac registration. To prevent this terrible outcome, the tactic urges its victims to contact the provided telephone number that is presented as belonging to Apple support.

Let's start by saying that nothing mentioned by these schemes should be taken even remotely seriously. No site can perform a scan for malware threats on its own and Apple will not revoke the user's registration. Calling the number of the fraudsters will simply expose the user to far more serious security risks. By employing manipulative social-engineering tactics, the fraudsters could try to obtain personal details from the victim. They also could try to convince the user to download and install a remote access tool on the supposedly compromised Mac. Doing so may allow the con artists to reach the Mac and drop malware payloads such as Trojans or ransomware threats.

If you encounter the 'Apple Platform Security' pop-up scam or any of the countless similar deceiving pages, do not pay attention to any of their bogus claims. Just close the sites and consider running a scan with a reputable anti-malware solution for PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs) that might be lurking on the system. PUPs are often used as vehicles for the promotion of such schemes or other questionable pages.