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'Apple iPhone 14 Winner' POP-UP Scam

The 'Apple iPhone 14 Winner' scam is frequently promoted and propagated by deceptive websites. This scheme takes on multiple forms, but the general premise is that the user is either offered a chance to win an iPhone 14 or is informed that they have already won the smartphone.

These claims are entirely false and have no association with any legitimate entities. Users who fall for this scam may be asked to provide personal information, such as their name, address, and phone number, or they may be prompted to download a malicious software program onto their device.

Promises for Lucrative Rewards are Often Used as Lures by Tactics Like 'Apple iPhone 14 Winner'

Two versions of the 'Apple iPhone 14 Winner' scam have been discovered by researchers. One variant of this scam features a pop-up window that congratulates the user and states that the 'National Consumer Center' would like to thank them for their loyalty. This variant instructs the user to spin the wheel and claim their 'special prize.'

Once the pop-up is closed, the user is presented with a prize wheel that they can spin by clicking on it. The text above the wheel indicates that ten users are selected daily for a reward. During testing, the first attempt was 'unsuccessful,' while the second 'won' an iPhone 14. The scheme then presented a page containing fake testimonials of previous winners, displayed in the form of Facebook-style comments.

However, clicking the 'Claim Prize' button redirected the user to a page in the Chrome Web Store promoting the Sport Engine browser hijacker.

The other version of this scam also features a pop-up window that congratulates the visitor and offers them a chance to win an iPhone 14 as a thank-you for their loyalty. The background page contains images of gift boxes that the user can click to claim their prize.

It is worth noting that the 'Apple iPhone 14 Winner' scam can take on various designs. Typically, scams of this nature redirect users to phishing websites that record the information entered into them. These sites often target login credentials, personally identifiable details, and/or financial data, such as banking account details or credit card numbers.

Alternatively, these scams can redirect to pages requesting payment for prize delivery or release, such as fake shipping, storage, transaction, or other fees. However, like one of the 'Apple iPhone 14 Winner' variants examined, such schemes could also promote software or other content.

Users Should Recognize the Typical Signs of Tactics and Rogue Websites

Users can spot fake giveaway scams presented by rogue websites by being vigilant and looking for warning signs. These warning signs may include the website's appearance, the language used in the giveaway offer, and the nature of the prize being offered. Additionally, users should be cautious of pop-up windows and unsolicited emails offering prizes, especially if they require the user to provide personal or financial information.

Users should also research the organization or company supposedly sponsoring the giveaway to confirm its legitimacy. Another way to spot a fake giveaway scam is to check the URL of the website offering the prize. Scammers often create fake websites with URLs similar to those of well-known brands, so users should carefully examine the URL to ensure it is legitimate.

In general, if an offer seems too good to be true, it likely is. Users should exercise caution when presented with any offer that requires them to provide personal information or pay money in exchange for a prize. By being aware of the warning signs and using common sense, users can protect themselves from falling victim to fake giveaway scams presented by rogue websites.


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