Threat Database Browser Hijackers is a scam website that targets Mac users. It operates in the same manner as most of this type of scam pages - they display fake and manipulative messages about non-existent threats in an attempt to scare the user into downloading a promoted app, in most cases a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).

When a user lands on, the scam website will show a pop-up window claiming that a Trojan virus (e.tre456_worm_osx) has been detected on the system. Behind the pop-up, the main page of the website makes even more outrageous claims. It states that 2 more malware threats and one spyware have been found on the system. Users supposedly have just 5 minutes to deal with the problem by clicking the 'Scan Now' button which will actually initiate the download of the promoted app named Cleanup My Mac. If they take longer, the users apparently risk incurring additional damage such as loss of Apps, photos, or other files.

All of the claims made by are fake. No website is actually capable of performing a scan of the user's computer system on its own. Furthermore, even if the promoted app is a legit one and not a barely-functional PUP, it should still be downloaded from the official App store and not through a dubious website.


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