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Aobo Keylogger

The Aobo Keylogger is a threatening tool that can record keystrokes and collect all information types from the users' keyboards. A company named AoBo Software has developed this program and advertises it as a useful tool for monitoring employees or kids. However, malware experts have found out that the Aobo Keylogger runs certain unsafe processes, like opening shared AirPort access, recording data and sending logs to a remote server.

The Aobo Keylogger's features imply that it has been designed to collect data, like login credentials, credit card details, names, addresses, passwords and so on. That data can then be misused to make fraudulent transactions, access social media accounts, e-mail accounts and other related restricted content on the Internet. Users who have installed this program can suffer financial losses, impaired browsing safety, and even become identity theft victims easily.

This malware threat works stealthily, having no particular symptoms that could indicate its presence on a computer. If not downloaded and installed intentionally by inexperienced users, other distribution channels include social engineering, corrupted advertisements or spam e-mail campaigns. The Aobo Keylogger can be removed efficiently through an automatic malware removal program.

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