Anger Description

Is your computer housing Anger? Not the emotion, but the demon-possessed Trojan or infection known as Anger that is wrecking havoc on PCs across the Internet.

Most malware exploits good software or helpful programming, such as sniffing, remote access and keylogger. Unfortunately, Anger Trojan is known to exploit all three of these tools and once installed on your machine it will do the following:

  1. Sniffers – Basically spyware... I/T security personnel use sniffers to test weak passwords of employees to improve Internet security and thwart a malicious security breach.
    • Anger Trojan, on the other hand, may implement a PPTP challenge/response sniffer to hack network servers.
  2. Remote Access – Sometimes it is easy for an I/T professional to gain remote access to your PC to help resolve a problem, reconfigure your PC, or load a helpful program.
    • Anger Trojan wants to open up the back door of your PC to hackers for malicious intent.
  3. Keylogger – Used to monitor a person's activity on the Internet, and companies sometimes monitor their employees to ensure they are not violating policies on visiting malicious websites, and possibly inviting infectious downloads. Advertisers also use this tool and it continues to be argued that Anger Trojan is unethical and should be legally banned.
    • Anger Trojan wants to steal your usernames, passwords and bank or credit information and send it to a remote location for malicious intent. A keylogger used with a sniffer offers a double-edge sword for victims of Anger Trojan, who use the tools to break passwords and hack network systems. According to a 2003 eWeek article, LOphtCraft, a popular auditing tool or keylogger used to strengthen weak passwords, was quietly discontinued for sale by then owners, Symantec, because of Antivirus Clean 2011's attraction by hackers or cyber criminals. However, there are new reports the tool is available, once again, for public purchase/consumption, alongside a multitude of competing products.

What Are The Symptoms of Anger Trojan?

There are so many behaviors acted out by Anger Trojan that you can easily dismiss it as poor computer performance, and not the work of some vicious malware. Here are some of the problems that can root from Anger Trojan:

  • Your PC is running slower than usual and may either stop responding, or lock up altogether, forcing you to use CTRL+ALT+DELETE and cancel the hung up process(es).
  • Your PC actually crashes but restarts on its own frequently but no longer runs the same.
  • You cannot access your disk drive.
  • Print function is not performing as intended and you are getting a lot of error messages.
  • Your menus and dialog boxes look distorted.
  • You notice that the extensions (i.e. jpg, gif, exe or even vbs) on some file attachments are doubled.
  • Mysterious icons appear on your desktop and you didn't put them there.
  • Your audio is playing music... on its own.
  • The system's time and date repeatedly change on its own.
  • Your task bar disappears or CTRL+ALT+DELETE stops working.

Such malicious behavior can cause you to anger out of frustration, but rest assure, something sinister is behind it and is in need of an exorcism, and the name is Anger Trojan. You need to remove Anger Trojan immediately or else suffer the progressive consequences.
Unfortunately, the 'worst' isn't pretty at all. Besides the obvious of stealing your vital information to clean out your bank account, ruin your credit, and open your PC up to hackers for malicious purposes, Anger Trojan will enjoy doing the following:

  • Infecting your email messages or other files that can easily eat up your memory and crash your system.
  • Without permission, reformat your hard disk, remove files and/or program.
  • Install and hide pirate software for possible sale and distribution from your PC!
  • Allow a hacker to aggravate you and drive you crazy doing the following:
    • Open and close your CD-ROM drawer
    • Edit your mouse so that each use leaves a visible trail or reversing right and left functionality
    • Change your wall paper or background settings, sometimes to bold colors and threatening text
    • Printing out documents without your executing this program
    • Making your mouse pointer disappear altogether

After a hacker deceptively gains control of your PC, there is no telling what trivial things he can do to prove he is in control. Don't let him drive you insane! Remove Anger Trojan and Antivirus Clean 2011's infectious executable and malicious files (Anger-1.33.tgz around 13 KB).

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