Threat Database Adware AdvancedProcesser


AdvancedProcesser is a dubious application that tries to generate monetary gains for its operators by carrying out intrusive actions on the users' Mac devices. Typically, this application type possesses the functionalities of both adware and a browser hijacker. Furthermore, they also are classified as PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) due to heavy reliance on deceitful tactics for their distribution. Two such underhanded methods are bundling - when the intruder app is added as a preselected choice inside the installation settings of a more desirable product or by hiding inside fake installers/updates. 

The advertisements delivered by unproven sources such as AdvancedProcesser shouldn't be trusted. They may lead users to shady websites that run phishing or other online tactics, offer more PUPs or even distribute malware threats. At the same time, the browser hijacker part of the application will force the user's Web browser to start opening a promoted address. In AdvancedProcesser's case, it promotes the SafeFinder via search engine. Fake engines cannot produce search results on their own, and that is why they redirect all initiated search queries to a legitimate one such as Yahoo, Bing or Google. 

The presence of PUPs on your Mac is also considered a risk due to the data-harvesting capabilities that most of these applications possess. The targeted information may include the entire browsing history, search history and all clicked links. Some PUPs may even try to access sensitive payment or credit/debit card details from the affected browser.


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