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The website is designed to target Apple users with various schemes. It should be noted that the exact behavior of the page may be contingent on factors, such as the specific IP address and geolocation of the user. Still, cybersecurity researchers have confirmed that at least one of the possible deceptive options is a technical support tactic.

Users will be presented with a serious-sounding warning about an 'APPLE SECURITY BREACH.' The fake claims and fearmongering will continue with messages stating that the user's personal data and pictures are being transferred by the attackers. To stop the non-existent data breach, the hoax page instructs users to call a specific phone number presented as belonging to 'Apple Technical Support.' It should be noted that Apple is in no way connected to this deceptive and potentially harmful page.

However, instead of Apple's support operators, users will be contacting the fraudsters and exposing themselves to numerous security risks. The fraudsters will usually ask for remote access to the device, which will allow them to perform numerous invasive actions. They can exfiltrate files, ensure continual access via backdoor threats, or place other corrupted payloads, such as ransomware, keyloggers, etc. In addition, the con artists also may try to obtain personal information from the users via various social-engineering tricks or attempt to convince them to pay exorbitant fees for the supposed 'security services.'


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